As of Monday March 28, please see below services & prices being offered to NC Staff & Students with access to DJP campus.

Services that begin at 4:40 may be combined with a maximum of 2 hour service time. (This means, you can book 2 “FULL” Service treatments, or 1 “FULL” service treatment with 1 or 2 “EXPRESS” service treatments, or any such combination with total service time not exceeding “approx..” 2 hours.)
If you are interested in just a single service (“FULL” OR “EXPRESS”), that’s okay too!!
There are often single 1 hour services, or express service appointments available to start at 6:00pm.

Currently we are offering the follow services:

“FULL” SERVICE (approx. 1 hour each):
TheraGenesis (anti-aging) Facial $20
Pedicure $10
Manicure $10
Brow & Lash Tint Combo $10

Express Pedicure (approx. 30 mins) $5
Express Manicure (approx. 30 mins) $5
Brow Tint (approx. 30 mins) $5
Lash Tint (approx. 40 mins) $5

Thank you so very much for your support within our Spa, we are looking forward to seeing you!!